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Neuropixels Recordings
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We are committed to conducting and promoting Open Science. We are working toward openly sharing well-organized data in a standard format, as well as well-documented code in Python. Data sharing repositories supported by the NIH BRAIN Initiative include DANDI (NHP) and DABI (human). We also use DataDryad (human). Neurodata Without Borders (NWB) is a standard data format used. Code sharing repositories include GitHub and Zenodo.

In addition, data and code related to our line of research is also hosted on our alumni web sites, some of which was done in collaboration. These sites include, in addition to our own (see below), the following alumni group websites: Batista Lab, Chandrasekaran LabChestek LabChurchland LabCunningham LabGilja Lab, Kao LabKaufman Lab, O'Shea GitHubSussillo GitHubYu Lab

First Neuropixels recordings from humans

  • Data on Dryad, Code on Github and Code on Zenodo associated with Paulk et al. (2022) Nature Neurosciencepdf url doi

NHP instructed-delay curl-force field motor learning reaching task, using Utah and Neuropixels arrays

NHP instructed-delay center-out and maze reaching task, using Utah and Neuropixels arrays

WaveMAP analysis of extracellular waveforms

2 photon GCaMP imaging in NHP motor cortex during reaching and BMI control

Attempted handwriting BCI task, using Utah electrode arrays 

  • Data and Code associated with Willett et al. (2021) Nature. pdf

LFADS: Latent Factor Analysis via Dynamical Systems

ERAASR: Removing electrical stimulation artifacts

jPCA: Quantifying rotatory components of neural population activity

MKsort spike sorter

  • Prof. Matt Kaufman's MATLAB spike sorter written during graduate years at Stanford
  • Code also distributed by Ripple LLC as open source software

Neural Variance (NV) Toolbox

GPFA Toolbox for single-trial neural population trajectory estimation