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Welcome! This list aspires to be inclusive. Inclusive and possibly comprehensive, despite the (wonderfully!) rapidly increasing commercial activity (i.e., >$500M of venture capital invested in 2021, and on exponential rise), of

BCI oriented companies

Related Companies

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This is intended to be an inclusive list of companies that are working in areas related to our own. This list is, by definition, incomplete and we welcome receiving requests for specific additions ( The broad areas spanned are (1) systems neuroscience, (2) computational and theoretical neuroscience, (3) neuroengineering, (4) translational neuroscience and medicine, (5) implantable medical systems and (5) BCIs, BMIs and neural prostheses.

Some related communities

  • NeuroTechX is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the advancement of neurotechnology. Accelerate by providing key resources and learning opportunities, and by being leaders in local and worldwide technological initiatives. The 3 pillars are “Community”, “Education”, and “Professional Development”
  • Texas Biomedical Device Center, Dallas, TX

Some related large high-tech companies

Some related startup and medical device companies

  • Adept Neuro SA, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • AE Studios, Venice, CA
  • Blackrock Microsystems, Salt Lake City, UT
    • Rosso C (11/19/22) The BCI System MoveAgain Wins FDA Breakthrough Device Status -- Brain-computer Interface enables patients to control devices with thoughts. Psychology Todayurl
    • Blackrock Neurotech press release (11/30/21): "Paralyzed individuals will soon type with only their thoughts - New BCI platform to be released by Blackrock Neurotech. Groundbreaking brain computer interface technology expected to achieve partial restoration of communication function in impaired patients," and "The Stanford studies have demonstrated remarkable restoration of communication function, up to ten times faster than other BCI communication decoding options." url
    • Medsider (2022) Why Building a Community is Crucial for Medical Device Startups: Interview with Blackrock Neurotech Co-Founder and CEO Marcus Gerhardt. url
    • Cao S (1/25/22) Elon Musk’s Neuralink Brain Implant Technology Is Outdated, Says BCI Expert. Observer. url
    • Blackrock Neurotech press release (2/10/22) and on YouTube is an accompanying video: "In this video Professor Mark Churchland. Columbia University, demonstrates the performance of the MINT algorithm…”
      • Blackrock Neurotech Press Release (4/20/22): “Blackrock Neurotech acquires spatial computing software firm MindX to commercialize full-stack brain-computer interface product” url
      • Blackrock Neurotech Press Release (4/26/22): "Blackrock Neurotech and Phantom Neuro partner to enable prosthetics and exoskeletons that mimic human movement in real-time" url

      • Blackrock Neurotech Press Release (5/27/22) “Blackrock Neurotech Collaborates with AE Studio to Advance Training and Calibration in the First Commercial BCI Platform, MoveAgain” url

    • Mullin E (8/17/22) This Man Set the Record for Wearing a Brain-Computer Interface. Implanted devices let people control computers and prosthetic limbs with their minds. But nobody knows how long they’ll last—and when they’ll need upgrades. url pdf

    • Blackrock Press Release (11/16/22) Blackrock Neurotech Reveals Neuralace™: 10,000+ Channel Next-Gen BCI. url

  • BIOS, Cambridge, England
  • Brainbit
  • Brucker Nano
  • Ceribell, Mountain View, CA
  • Cognixion, Santa Barbara, CA and Toronto, Canada
  • Cortera Neurotechnologies,
    • Acquired by Nia Therapeutics, Philadelphia, PA
  • CTRL-Labs, New York City, NY and Burlingame, CA
    • Full disclosure: Prof. Shenoy was on the founding Scientific Advisory Board (2016-2019) and, following acquisition in 2019, has been been an advisor / consultant.
    • Acquired in 2019, now a part of Reality Labs, Redmond, WA which is a Division of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), Menlo Park, CA. CTRL-Labs is primarily based in New York City and a new (Autumn 2020) and growing satellite branch in Burlingame, CA. The Burlingame office is headed by Dr. David Sussillo, who is also Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University working closely with NPSL and NPTL (Krishna Shenoy).
  • Fierce Biotech
  • Grapheton, San Diego, CA
  • Kernal, Los Angeles, CA
  • Inscopix, Palo Alto, CA. Full disclosure: Prof. Shenoy has been an advisor / consultant since 2018.
  • Iota Biosciences, Berkeley, CA. Founded by Professors Jose Carmena and Michel Maharbiz.
    • Acquired by Astellas, Tokyo, Japan, in Autumn 2020.
  • Inner Cosmos, Scotts Valley, CA
  • Koniku, San Rafael, CA
  • Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN
  • MindX, Bethesda, MD. Full disclosure: Prof. Shenoy has been an advisor / consultant since their founding in 2018.
    • Please see the Blackrock Neurotech Press Release (4/20/22) above for a description of the sale of MindX to Blackrock Neurotechnology.
  • NextMind, Paris, France
  • Neural Dynamics Technologies, Boston MA
  • Neuralink, Fremont, CA and Austin, TX
    • Full disclosure: Prof. Shenoy is a co-founder (2016) and an advisor / consultant
    • Neuralink Launch Event, July 2019
    • Neuralink Progress Update, August 2020
    • Animal care at Neuralink, August 2020
    • Neuralink Monkey MindPong, 8 April 2021
    • Ira Flato, Prof. Paul Nuyujukian & Nathan Copeland, Science Friday, 14 May 2021. url
    • "Elon Musk's Neuralink raises over $200 mln from Google Ventures, others" Reuters, 29 July 2021 url
    • "Elon Musk’s Neuralink Just Raised An Additional $205 Million In Funding" Forbes, 8 August 2021

      • "Last week, the company announced details about its Series C funding round, which entailed nearly $205 million raised. The press release indicates a variety of institutional and corporate investors, such as Vy Capital, Google Ventures, DFJ Growth, Valor Equity Partners, Craft Ventures, Founders Fund, and Gigafund. This is in addition to the investments of notable individuals, including “Robert Nelson (Co-Founder of ARCH Venture Partners), Blake Byers (Byers Capital), Sam Altman (Chairman of YC Group and CEO of OpenAI), Fred Ehrsam (Co-founder of Paradigm and Coinbase) and Ken Howery (Co-Founder of PayPal and Founders Fund).” Indeed, the sheer variety and scale of investors indicates the hope, confidence, and value being placed in this technology."

    • Cao S, "Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant technology is outdated, says BCI expert," 25 January 2022. pdf url

    • Kahn J & Vanian J, "Inside Neuralink, Elon Musk’s mysterious brain chip startup: A culture of blame, impossible deadlines, and a missing CEO," 27 January 2022. pdf url

    • Kahn J & Vanian J, "Neuralink former employees say Elon Musk applies relentless pressure and instills a culture of blame," 29 January 2022. url

    • Levy R (8/19/22) Musk approaches brain chip startup Synchron about deal amid Neuralink delays. url

    • Show and tell, Fall 2022. Presented and produced by Neuralink. 30 November 2022. url

      • Animal care at Neuralink, 2022 update. Presented and produced by Neuralink. 30 November 2022. url

  • NeuraMatrix, Inc. Incubated at Tsinghua University, China
  • Neuralynx, Bozeman, MT
  • Neuropace, Mountain View, CA
  • NeuroNexus, Ann Arbor, MI
  • Neuvotion Inc., Darien, CT
  • Nia Therapeutics, Philadelphia, CA
  • Paradromics, Austin, TX
  • Phantom Neuro, Austin, TX
  • Pixium Vision, Paris, France
  • Plexon, Dallax TX
  • Rain Neuromorphic, Redwood City, CA
  • ReachNeuro, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Rune Labs, San Francisco, CA
  • Sonera Magnetics, Berkeley, CA 
  • Starfish Neuroscience, Bellevue, WA
  • StimScience, Berkeley, CA
  • Synchron, San Fancisco CA, New York City, NY and Mellbourne, Australia